Mount Buller 2019

This was my third trip to Mount Buller and it was the best trip by far. The weather was perfect, so all the ski lifts were available this time.

We left at 6am, and although I slept for most of the 3 hour drive, it really didn’t feel like a long drive because there was hardly any traffic. I recall the first time we went, there was a blizzard on the mountain and we had to stop halfway up there to get snow chains for the tires. It took too long to wait in line to hire them, and the installation wasn’t fun when everything was cold and wet.

This time, however, the sun was out and there was no need for snow chains. We went up the mountain with no dramas and got a great parking spot because we were there early. There was snow everywhere, but it was actually warm. I had to wear thermals under my jacket last time, but I swear I could’ve worn nothing underneath this time.

We found a snow mobile at the entrance of Ski Village.

I was taken aback by how great everything looked, the blizzard was so bad last time we could hardly see 5 meters ahead of us.

The view was great on the ski lifts too:

I could see really far this time.

Since we’d been skiing many times before, we decided to take a more challenging run down the mountain, abandoning the beginner’s course.

The smooth and beginner-friendly run.

There were some really steep runs on the other side of the mountain, but I finally developed the skills to carve my way down. I used to go straight down, braking all the way until my legs gave out and fall over. This time, I observed the other skiers and noticed that although some were actually going down like dive bombers, most of them took their time zigzagging down the slope, making nice long lines in the snow and turning the other way when they reach the edges.

Advanced run – it got a lot steeper off the horizon!

The drive back home was fun too, we when the lifts were closing down, and the buses took us straight to our parking space. I drove us home our rental Kia Sportage, it was a very capable car that ate up corners despite being a small SUV.

I’m glad we managed to go this time, we went once a year until we missed out last year. This trip was totally worth the money just for the views and overall convenience. Can’t wait to go again!

(A better-late-than-never blog post about our trip on August 24th 2019)