KBBQ at Yeonga

Having gone to Toodouri exclusively for Korean BBQ for around a dozen times, April and I visited Yeonga, which was just around the corner.

It caught our attention because it had a higher rating than Toodouri. We’ve always enjoyed Toodouri so we were excited to see what Yeonga had to offer.

It was a nice and cozy restaurant, dimly lit in the walkway but fairly bright at the tables. It offered some privacy with a semi-transparent film dividing the tables for two groups of people.

Unlike Toodouri, where they set the side dishes on the table, the side dishes were served on the side of the grill. It melted the cheese on the corn, but after some time, the kimchi became a bit too hot to enjoy.

The charcoal grill at Yeonga.

We ordered ‘Let it Mix’ from the set menu, and we had to google ‘oyster blade’ to find out what it was. I was confident that it was scallops but April proved me wrong.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 10.35.03 PM.png
‘Let it Mix’ (screenshot from their website)

The food was very enjoyable, I loved the beef brisket wrapped with lettuce and kimchi. However, it was a bit hard to talk with April with the exhaust fan pulled down over the food and blocking our vision of each other. I personally find it hard to talk to people without making eye contact.

The people from another table seemed to enjoy their conversation though, it was a group of four people, so they could still see each other despite the exhaust fan.

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Overall, the pricing was fair and the food was nice, so I’d recommend this place to people who love KBBQ, but not to people looking for a date.