Breakfast at SMÄK

A spontaneous breakfast date brought me and April to SMÄK Food House, a restaurant that came up on google maps, not far from the train station.

The staff was friendly and we got a table as soon as we stepped in.

The menu was clear and offered a range of vegan options and healthy food.

I knew what I wanted instantly when I saw something with the word burger in its name, and got myself a copy of the Herald Sun to go through as April compared the photos online and the things on the menu.

We were attracted to the restaurant by the aesthetic photos of their food on Google, but when we pointed at a picture of a green waffle, they told us that they just changed their menu a month ago and that some of the food shown online may not be available anymore.

It seems that we’ll be coming back frequently to check out their new dishes.

We sipped on a mocha as we waited for our food.

Breakfast is served. Photo credit: April

The burger had a piece of brisket in it instead of the traditional patty, which made it chewy and more flavorful, and the diverse range of veggies made the burger very refreshing, in contrast with those burgers that send you straight into a food coma.

The sweet potato fries were a great addition to the set.

I had a taste of the eggs and sausage from April’s plate, and I quite liked it as well.

The music was light but entertaining, and we had no problems talking over it.

It was an enjoyable breakfast and gave us a great start of the day.